Flexible Commission Plan

Flexible Commission Plans Guarantee*

You Pick What You Pay Me At Closing My Goal is to far exceed all of your expectations with my level of service! However, I do not just like to talk about it, I like to prove it and allow you to choose, at the “Closing Table” what you are going to pay me for... as a commission for my services.

Below are your 3 commission options, please check one of the boxes and sign below.

________. Option 1: Brett Bolzenthal far exceeded our expectations and deserves a raise. I/we choose to pay Brett Bolzenthal a listing commission fee of 4.0%.

________. Option 2: Brett Bolzenthal met all our expectation and I/we are going to pay Brett Bolzenthal the initial agreed upon listing commission fee of 3.0%.

________. Option 3: Brett Bolzenthal agent did not meet our expectations and his services need improvement. I/we choose to pay Brett Bolzenthal less than the initial agreed upon commission and his listing commission fee to be 2.5%.

*Buyer’s Realtor fee is 3%, above only signifies the amount Brett Bolzenthal will receive once your property closes escrow on the “Listing Portion”. All homes at or under the final sales price of $100,000 are excluded from the “Flexible Commission Plan” and are subject to a full 6% commission of which is to be split 50/50 with the Buyer’s Realtor.

*Special Restrictions May Apply To Guarantee

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